How to claim your Club/Centre listing

A step by step guide to claiming and populating your Club or Centre’s listing on the Australian Athletics Directory.

1. Register as a User

Sign up

Click the Login button on the menu. On the next page select REGISTER NEW USER.

2. Claim your listing

Navigate to your Club or Centre’s page and click the Claim Listing button.

Fill out the claim form, requiring your:

  • Name
  • Position at your Club/Centre

We’ll review and approve the listing ownership (this is a manual process to ensure the integrity of listings, thank you for your patience). You will receive an email confirmation once complete.

3. Editing your listing

Log in to the site and navigate to Clubs and search for your Club/Centre.

Don’t forget to save your progress as you go.


Add information about your Club or Centre into the text editor. Consider adding:

  • What activities you cater for (including age groups)
  • When the activities are held
  • History of the Club or Centre

Don’t forget to add a link to your website and Facebook page.

To add your Instagram feed to the post, visit Common Ninja and sign up for their free Instagram widget. Follow their prompts to set up your Instagram feed. Once set up, copy the code they provide, come back to your profile, select the ‘Text’ tab in the Instagram Feed box, and paste the content.

Adding images

Add images

Add images by selecting them from your computer. The first image will be used as the cover image for your profile (we recommend using your Club or Centre logo).

Need help?

Contact us and we’ll help where we can.